The Helen Pencil Skirt

At long last my latest (and most favorite) pattern has finally been released!


It feels like this one was a long time coming. I believe the idea came to me way back in early spring but the process of bringing the idea to fruition, which you can read about in the Design Series, takes a long time. And now it’s finally here, just in time for fall!


Which is great since the skirt was designed with fall and winter in mind.


The inspiration for this piece is my friend Helen. She is a very stylish woman who always wears skirts and heels, even if it’s to take her two dogs and 3 year-old son to the park. Helen the lady is classy, sexy and curvy. Helen the skirt is, too. It’s the kind of skirt that would look great worn in the office with a fitted blouse, or to the farmers’ market with a simple t-shirt. It’s for the woman who does it all and wants to look good doing it.


You can find the skirt on Ravelry, or on the Knit Picks website where you can make a kit and buy the yarn and pattern at the same time. Couldn’t be easier!

I must again thank Eleanor Dixon for technical editing. And an enormous thank you to Helen Walls for being my muse and model. I asked her if she could bring some coordinating clothes and accessories to the shoot with her and she showed up with the most perfect outfit without having ever seen the skirt in person. And of course she looked amazing! Thanks lady!

5 thoughts on “The Helen Pencil Skirt

  1. Kerri

    What a great look. I love the hat and seam line in the stockings… very retro-chic! I actually remember my mother wearing those and being careful to make sure the seams were straight. Wow… I had to dig deep for that memory; I couldn’t have been much more than a toddler… either that or she was VERY behind the times. 🙂


  2. thatpurl

    This is beautiful, and thanks for sharing the design process too. I am just starting out in the knitting design world and have found it really interesting and helpful to see the journey you took from start to finish.


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