Well, It Happened

We’ve had our first snow of the year. So, this is what it looks like outside my house right now.

First Snow of the Year
First Snow of the Year


Don't think my parsley is happy.
Don’t think my parsley is happy.

And you know, the first snow of the year is always a novelty. You snuggle up in your house, maybe you stay in your jammies all day (ooops), and you notice how pretty the snow flakes look as they slowly fall to the ground. But, it’s gonna get old really fast. Those days of -20 degrees Celsius are ahead of us. Endless days of snow and treacherous road conditions. Children going stir crazy and tearing the house apart. And lets not forget the many layers of clothing to pile onto said kids before you even attempt to leave the house.

But for now I’m going to appreciate a few things.

First, this was the most beautiful fall I’ve ever experienced in Alberta. There were reds and oranges to go along with the usual yellow on the trees this year, and those leaves stuck around a lot longer than I’m used to seeing here.

Second, it’s full-on knitting season now. Ravelry, Pinterest and all the blogs are abuzz with FO’s and WIP’s. I continue to knit year-round but it’s nice to see the seasonal knitters back at it.

Finally, even though I’ve been quite on here of late, I’ve been a very busy beaver. I’ve got 3, count ’em, 3 new patterns coming in the next month or so. They are all designs that I’m quite proud of and I can’t wait to get them out. And they’ll be just in time for something very big, news of which will be coming very soon!

I hope you are staying warm and thinking sweet wintery thoughts, and knitting lots of wooly things to keep you warm through what’s to come.

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