My ‘Cited!

This is what A used to say instead of “I’m excited.” I miss that little mispronunciation, it was a good one.
Although I am sad summer is gone for another year, I must say “my ‘cited” about getting to wear my Spatterdashes again.

I knit these little fingerless mitts at the end of last winter and didn’t get to wear them much before the weather warmed up. I used a skein of Posh Yarn Lucia (Sock) in Hothouse that I got 1/2 price at The Loop‘s Boxing Day sale last year. I am a sucker for rainbow-y variegated yarn so this stuff was right up my alley, and this pattern from Knitty was the perfect match. It’s such a great pattern, just interesting enough, but not so much so that it’s not still TV knitting. The construction was very tidy with no seaming in the end. I managed to find 28 of the most perfect buttons at Suzy Q’s, my little secret button place in Inglewood. BUT, hot-damn! It’s really annoying sewing on 28 perfect little buttons. The finished product was well worth it, but I won’t be taking on this project again without taking a good hard look at how bad I really wanted them.

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