My Life is So Glamorous…

… that I go on photoshoots now. Okay, so I must disclose that although I am the model, I am also the casting director and the client. I enlisted my friend Ryan’s expertise again today to take some pictures of my new boot-cuff design. We headed to a park near his house and were able to find some beautiful trees and even a small stream for a backdrop. Just looking at what he got on his camera has made me very excited to see the finished product. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have the time to knit him another pair of socks for payment, but a case of beer will probably go over very well. Hopefully this business will take off and I’ll be able to pay him with actual money.
In the meantime, the pattern has been tested quite successfully by 4 test knitters, and I should be getting it back from the technical editor sometime in the next week. Then I’ll just have to tidy it up, add the pictures and make any possible changes, and then you’ll finally get to see it. Yay!

2 thoughts on “My Life is So Glamorous…

  1. Ryan

    No payment necessary! The socks were core than enough payment for at least 4 photo shoots! They are amazing!! I had a great time, you and the kids are very photogenic, making my task easy!! The pics are all done now, and I have 68 good ones for you to choose from 🙂 Keep up the great wool work!!


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