Powder Day Sneak Peek!!!

I’m so darned excited to be putting together my very first collection of patterns, and can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

As you can tell by the name, the Powder Day collection is inspired by those epic days of deep, fresh snow. You know, when a couple very lucky people are the first ones to the top of the hill after a big dump, and they get to make fresh tracks. If those skiers are going for extra cheesy, they can make tracks that look just like this…

figure eights inspiration

I wanted to mimic those figure-eight lines in the snow with a cool cable pattern, so I did. Then I fell in love with the cable and wanted to put it on everything. So I did! Fingerless mitts, a hat, full mitts, and a sweater.

It’s tricky to photograph something with a snow and ski theme when you’re limited to being in the city in October. But that’s what we tried to do this morning. I enlisted the help of 4 beautiful ski buddies, those very same ladies I used to ski with before we all had kids*. We gathered up some vintage skis, hot coffee and warm knits and headed down to an old barn in the middle of the city. I was hoping to pull off an apres ski feel, a bunch of friends hanging out at the lodge and warming up after a great day on the hill.

I will be releasing the patterns one-by-one over the next few months and will eventually group them all together in an e-book when they’re all out. For now, here’s a look at what’s to come.

Group Shot

* We called ourselves BOS back then – Bitches On Skis.

My ‘Cited!

This is what A used to say instead of “I’m excited.” I miss that little mispronunciation, it was a good one.
Although I am sad summer is gone for another year, I must say “my ‘cited” about getting to wear my Spatterdashes again.

I knit these little fingerless mitts at the end of last winter and didn’t get to wear them much before the weather warmed up. I used a skein of Posh Yarn Lucia (Sock) in Hothouse that I got 1/2 price at The Loop‘s Boxing Day sale last year. I am a sucker for rainbow-y variegated yarn so this stuff was right up my alley, and this pattern from Knitty was the perfect match. It’s such a great pattern, just interesting enough, but not so much so that it’s not still TV knitting. The construction was very tidy with no seaming in the end. I managed to find 28 of the most perfect buttons at Suzy Q’s, my little secret button place in Inglewood. BUT, hot-damn! It’s really annoying sewing on 28 perfect little buttons. The finished product was well worth it, but I won’t be taking on this project again without taking a good hard look at how bad I really wanted them.