I Really Get Around

I just want to say a big thank-you to everyone for all the support I’ve been getting. I started this blog, and the designing thing, on a bit of a whim. Now, just a short time later, it has really started to take off. My patterns are becoming quite popular on Ravelry, and sales have been nice and steady. My KAL has more than one participant (a whopping 5 so far!), and the blog is starting to get attention from Pinterest and Tumblr. I have now started a Facebook page, so you can now check me out there… although I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to that stuff.

The big woohoo for today, though, is that my Jennifer Boot Cuffs pattern was featured on the Berroco blog. I must say, it felt pretty cool to see my work there. I’m starting to feel like I’m spamming the internet, which is weird, but I like it. I guess it’s payback for all those years that the internet has been spamming me.

Jennifer Boot Cuffs

And here we go! My very first published knitting pattern! It is a very simple design, but my own nonetheless! You can click on the Buy Now button below to go to the pattern page on Ravelry where you can purchase the pattern if your heart desires! Thank you to Eleanor Dixon for technical editing and Ryan Barr for photography! I am only using exclamation points to punctuate this post!


My Life is So Glamorous…

… that I go on photoshoots now. Okay, so I must disclose that although I am the model, I am also the casting director and the client. I enlisted my friend Ryan’s expertise again today to take some pictures of my new boot-cuff design. We headed to a park near his house and were able to find some beautiful trees and even a small stream for a backdrop. Just looking at what he got on his camera has made me very excited to see the finished product. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have the time to knit him another pair of socks for payment, but a case of beer will probably go over very well. Hopefully this business will take off and I’ll be able to pay him with actual money.
In the meantime, the pattern has been tested quite successfully by 4 test knitters, and I should be getting it back from the technical editor sometime in the next week. Then I’ll just have to tidy it up, add the pictures and make any possible changes, and then you’ll finally get to see it. Yay!

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Inspired by my sister’s request for a pair of knit boot cuffs, I put together a new pattern over the weekend. “Jen’s Boot Cuffs” has already been completed by one test-knitter and I am sending it off to a technical editor when I am done this post. While my first pattern “Everyday Hoodie” is still being perfected, this new pattern has flown off the needles and should be released very soon. I can’t contain my excitement!