My Favourite Colourwork of the Giftalong

I am a sucker for colourwork. I pretty much love anything that has more than one colour, and the process of stranded knitting makes me happy. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite colourful patterns of the giftalong for your perusing pleasure. It’s a long list because, as I said, I’m a huge fan. Here we go! (Also, I’m trying out this photo collage thingy on WordPress, we’ll see how it goes…)

First up: Socks! On the left we have Pumpkin Butter by Kristen Jancuk (photo copyright Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana), there’s just something about that orange and cream that’s drawing me in. On the right is Jagged Edge by Jo Torr (photo copyright Brian Torr), which are complex and interesting and likely very warm and cosy.

Next we have mittens. All three of these patterns are so incredibly beautiful, I have serious designer envy. Left to right are First Snow Mittens by Aet Terasmaa (photo copyright Aet Terasmaa), Kilim Mittens Kilim Mittens by Carol Sunday (photo copyright Sunday Knits), and Bunty Mitts by Ella Austin (photo copyright Ella Austin).

And of course I love colourwork hats (having designed a few myself). These are from left to right: Electric Gumdrops by Kimberly Golynskiy (photo copyright 80skeins), Turtle Soup by Joeli’s Kitchen (photo copyright Desire2Inspire Photography), and Fall is a Color by Casapinka (photo copyright Casapinka).

More hats because I couldn’t keep it to just three. These ones are truly stunners. Left to right: Denim and Brocade Toque by Jenise Hope (photo copyright Jenise Reid), Midnight Fog by Rebekah Evelyn (photo copyright Rebekah Evelyn), and Sirona by Emmy Petersson (photo copyright Emmy Petersson).


Both of these cowls are interesting because they’ve got different patterns inside and out. And both sides of both cowls are gorgeous! On the left is Byzantine Cowl by Stephannie Tallent (photo copyright Stephannie Tallent) and on the right is Alameda by Clare Lakewood (photo copyright Clare Lakewood).

Finally, some patterns of extra interest. First is Alpine Flower by Amanda Scheuzger (photo copyright Amanda Scheuzger). Amanda does absolutely amazing things with yarn, and this hat is no different. I love the colourwork and unusual construction here. Next up is Wilkins by Varian Brandon (photo copyright Varian Brandon). Maybe when I grow up I will knit a fully stranded fingering weight jumper. Until then, I will admire Varian’s work from afar with awe. Please check out her blog for fabulous resources on stranded knitting. Finally, there is the Cluaran Tea Cosy by K. M. Bedigan (photo copyright K. M. Bedigan), which is just perfection in every way. Someday I will make one of these!

And that’s my roundup of Favourite Colourwork Patterns of the GAL. Stay tuned tomorrow for Favourite Crochet Patterns (aka, things I would make if I could actually crochet).

One thought on “My Favourite Colourwork of the Giftalong

  1. Jo

    Thanks for finding some great patterns, my socks have some fantastic company here! I really love the First Snow Mittens, they’ve gone straight into my queue!


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