My Favourite Shawls of the GAL

I have a series of posts coming, each featuring a set of my favourite patterns from Indie Design GiftALong designers. This first set is a collection of fabulous shawls. Without further ado, here we go!

First up is Amille by Emily Ross. Seriously, I’ve been drooling over this pattern for years. It’s one of the most spectacular knits I have ever seen. Maybe someday I’ll get brave enough to try it.

copyright Emily Ross, used with permission

How cool is Big Dotty? I love the use of texture here by Libby Jonson, it really is perfection.

Big Dotty
copyright Libby Jonson, used with permission


Bricktown by Beverly S. is one of those great projects for using contrasting variegated and solid coloured yarn.

copyright Beverly S., used with permission

Crossfire by Jennifer Dassau caught my eye in last year’s GAL, it’s such a great way to use colours together.

copyright Jennifer Dassau, used with permission

How gorgeous is D’oiro by Ines Sousa? The colours and photography are beautiful here, but the shawl itself is a stunner too.

copyright seni, used with permission

Galcantray by Emily K Williams is another one I’ve been admiring for a while. I’m sure it would be an everyday scarf for me.

copyright Emily K Williams, used with permission

The Indulgence Wrap by Michelle Krause is a new design that I’m sure is going to be popular for a while. It is so classy and elegant.

Indulgence Wrap
copyright Leah Michelle Designs, used with permission

One of four male participating designers this year, Josh Ryks has a stunner here with Greek Fire. There’s just so much going on in this shawl, I love it!

Greek Fire
copyright swordofaknitter, used with permission


Notting Hill Gate by Toby Roxane Barna is great of using one of those beautiful skeins of handpainted yarn you couldn’t help but buy.

Knotting Hill Gate
copyright Dennis F Barna, used with permission

And here’s one that’s right up my alley, with beautiful colours and clean lines. This is Notions of Colour Shawl by Heike Campbell.

Notions of Colour Shawl
copyright Heike Campbell, used with permission

Penultimately (I really just wanted to use that word), is the Puaka Shawlette, just one of Francoise Danoy’s beautiful designs.

Puaka Shawlette
copyright Aroha Knits, used with permission

Finally, we have Yarden by Nancy Whitman, a gorgeous combination of colours and lace.

copyright Nancy Whitman, used with permission


So that’s my wrap-up of gorgeous shawls that caught my eye from this year’s GAL. Tune in again tomorrow when I’ll cover my Favourite Colourwork Patterns of the GAL.


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