Since it is mid-October I’m having a bit of a crafting crisis. On one hand, we woke up to an inch of snow here yesterday so I am kicking mitten and hand production into high gear. P’s head and one hand are covered, but that other hand is still out in the cold for now. I’ve come up with new hat and mitts designs that are being tested right now. They are fairly simple and quick so I’m hoping to release them as free patterns that I’ll post on the blog as well. More on that to come.

On the other hand, it is getting awfully close to Halloween and I’m really hoping to be able to make the kids’ costumes this year. For the first 3 years of motherhood there was just no way I was going to go out of my way to make costumes when they had perfectly cute ones at Old Navy for $15. Last year we did make A a pretty cool costume out of a box – he was a construction worker…

But this year I own a sewing machine, and even kinda know how to use it. So I went out the other day and picked up this Simplicity pattern and plan to make the kids cowboy/girl costumes. I figure they can double-up as Stampede outfits next year. I’ve decided to skip making the pants and skirt, they can just wear their regular jeans, so I’m only making the shirts. As I was looking through the fabrics I realized that if I’m going to be making a shirt, why not make it something durable and nice that can be worn everyday. So I bought these beautiful fabrics and I’m going to use buttons or snaps instead of the velcro the pattern calls for. I’m hoping to get working on them this weekend, so maybe next week I’ll be able to post the finished product.

4 thoughts on “Giddy’up

  1. Pamela

    Go for it, Girl! I can’t tell you how many costumes I made through the years… So fun to see them be one of a kind at the school Halloween parades. Princesses, Peter Pan, pirates, American Civil War uniforms (north and south), Little Bo Peep, witches,….. Many wonderful memories 😀


    • katebostwick

      Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately I do not have a tutorial for this project. I made the costume 5 years ago, and although we did keep it for a long time, it got tossed in our last (trans-Atlantic) move. I have noticed that this post gets a lot of hits from Pinterest so I might consider making a new version of it with instructions. Wouldn’t it be cute to have my son modelling it again now that he’s 5 years older?


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