It’s now time to introduce you to Paris, the next pattern from Travel Knits for the Family.

TKFTF 23 web

It’s a beautiful sweater with a simple but attractive all-over texture as well as garter stripe edgings. Knit from the top-down with a Raglan construction, it is sized to fit from babies all the way up to teenagers.



TKFTF 22 web

This sweater, like the Oslo mittens, can be adjusted for different members of the family. The instructions are written with pullover or cardigan options, and are easy to follow throughout.

TKFTF 16 web

The samples were knit with beautiful Brooklyn Tweed Arbor. The yarn is so soft and lovely for kids-wear and shows off the textured pattern so nicely. You can use 1 skein each of the contrast colours and you should have enough to do at least two sweaters.


We visited Paris a handful of times during our time in London. Whenever we had visitors come from Canada we liked to take a weekend to hop on the Eurostar and show them Paris as well. We visited at Christmas time with my parents and enjoyed hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts in the Christmas market along the Champs Elysees. When my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came last spring we ventured to the top of the Eiffel Tower (well, some of us anyway). And when some of my very best friends came to visit we had a ladies’ weekend where we saw the sights, but mostly enjoyed fantastic food and wine. One of my favourite things about Paris is that there’s always something more to see and do.

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For more information about Travel Knits for the Family, get all the details here.

6 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Cindy Bertinetti

    I am working on the Paris Pullover in size 4T I’m a little confused on getting the waffle pattern started. I am assuming I work around with the same row of the waffle for the front sides, sleeves and back right? On row 5 it says to work row 3 at the beginning and the end and nothing on the middle reference which is still row 3 right? That’s what I assumed. Then you note to stay in pattern. On the next row 7 I’m not sure where to start do for the front side at the beginning, do I just start with k1 since there isn’t anything below to match? Just want this to work out when I get to the join later on. Not sure if the raglan seams effectively separate and it doesn’t matter.

    I hope this isn’t confusing and it’s just me lol.

    My project is under CindyBertinetti user on Ravelry.


    • katebostwick

      Hi Cindy, thanks for getting in touch with your question. I’ll see if I can make it make more sense.

      In Row 5, I think where you’re getting confused is where it says “work from * once more”. This means to got back to where the * was at the beginning of the row (*work Row 3 of Waffle Stitch…. etc). So you do maintain the waffle stitch pattern across the whole row .

      Yes, you’re right, on Row 7 you can start with a K1 since there is nothing below to match to. The raglan seam purposely breaks up the sections so that it doesn’t make a difference where you begin and end.

      Does that make sense?

      PS: I’m loving watching your Journey Blanket coming together on Ravelry!


  2. Cindy Bertinetti

    One more question I’m making good progress on Paris and it looks great however I do think my row gauge is long, I mostly checked the stitch gauge on my swatch but i thought I was pretty close but these sleeves are running long. I’m thinking I’ll finish the first set of decreases and maybe speed them up on the second set? I’m sure I can make it work. I’ll put a pic on my Ravelry project but it’s looking really great otherwise.

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