Travel Knits When You Least Expect Them

As some of you know, it’s getting to close to the publish date for my upcoming book: Travel Knits for the Family.  I feel like I’ve talked about it a lot on other platforms, but haven’t discussed it on the website much at all. So now I will!

The book contains patterns for all those things I think you need to throw into your suitcase when you’re heading somewhere cold (there will eventually be a second book for when you’re heading somewhere warm). There are sweaters for everyone in the family, hats, mittens, slippers, and a travel knitting project.

We just got back from another family trip, this time to Grand Canyon and Death Valley (with a brief stop in Las Vegas). Now, you may be thinking that Arizona, Nevada, and California in the spring wouldn’t be considered traveling somewhere cold, but we packed our hats, mitts, and slippers anyway. And I’m glad we had them!

Because, while there were lots of days like this…

Pool Knitting

There were also days in the Grand Canyon where it was really quite chilly. Even though most of Arizona is quite warm and even hot this time of year, the Grand Canyon is carved through a plateau at an elevation over 7000 ft, where it was dipping down below freezing overnight. So we started our day exploring the Grand Canyon wearing our hats to keep warm.

Grand Canyon

Once we got to Las Vegas and then Death Valley it was well into hot summer temperatures, and the hats and mitts stayed tucked away in our suitcase. We enjoyed exploring the desert and swimming in the pool, and avoiding the winter back home.

But although we hoped spring would have finally sprung by the time we returned from our break, it was still very cold in snowy when we arrived back in Calgary. So we changed from our flip flops and shorts to shoes, jeans, and jackets. And we dug out the hats and mitts again.

Airport in Calgary

The moral of the story is – you never know when you might need those Travel Knits!

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