My Pretty Dahlia

When I first saw the pattern for Dahlia I knew I had to knit it. It’s such a beautiful design with a fun construction, not to mention very wearable. I found it while searching for something to knit for my sister. I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t necessarily her style, but I wanted to knit it so badly that I convinced her it was.  I picked up some Mission Falls 136 at Knitting Addiction while visiting the Outer Banks with my family (vacationing on the Outer Banks is one of the perks of having family living in NC). I cast on as soon as I got home. and did manage to get gauge, but wasn’t completely thrilled with how it was knitting up. I finished the lace panel and made it through the whole body before I realized I was going to run out of yarn… yarn that had been discontinued. In the end I ripped it out and knit Jen a Lady Kina instead, which is much more her style anyway.

Then, at The Loop‘s Boxing Day sale (can you tell I bought way too much yarn that day?) I picked up enough Pear Tree 4-Ply for 50% off to knit a Dahlia for myself. This yarn was absolutely perfect for it. I started the sweater anew and soon I was wearing my Dahlia everywhere. I wish that I had knit the front panels longer as I’d like to be able to overlap them and/or tuck one into the collar, but it’s still beautiful when worn with a shawl pin. I can see myself making another of these someday.

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