It’s Almost That Time Again…

Even though I love summer, and this one has been particularly awesome, I always enjoy a change in season. The cold mornings and crispness in the air these days is making me think of cold-weather things like stew, apple pie, jumping in the leaves, and knitting. Yes, it’s true, I’m pretty much always thinking about knitting, but this time of year is specialer (apparently spell-check is totally okay with that word… what is this world coming to?) I’ve got little mittens and hats and sweaters on my mind now, and I can’t wait to get started. I loved the stuff I made for the kids last year, it’s going to be hard to top them. Here are the mitts I made for A last year, rainbow colours and all! What are you going to knit to keep you warm this winter?

(sorry for the photo quality, I had to steal them from Ravelry since I couldn’t find them on the computer)

My little goofball
Nice long cuffs to keep them on

I did a lining with scrap sock yarn to make them extra warm

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