Thank-You Socks

My friend Ryan is a great lover of hand-knit socks. If I have the story correctly, he has an aunt who knits him socks that he calls “power woolies” because if you push them down your leg then they pop back up on their own. I think those socks must be made of some stout stuff!

Ryan is also a great photographer. When the time came to take some pictures for my Everyday Hoodie pattern I knew he was the guy to call. He was such a great sport and came to the playground on a hot day and took pictures of less-than-accommodating models. I couldn’t be happier with how they came out.

So, as a thank you to Ryan, I have just finished a pair of Anne Hanson’s Sign of Four (a Sock for Sherlock) in Trekking XXL. I don’t knit socks very often because I’m usually ready to be done after the first, and this was the case again with this pair. But it was for a very good cause and I kept on truckin’ until there were two. They look great, I just hope they fit!

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