The Other Person Who Lives Here

I’ve already introduced you to my kids so now it’s time to tell you about the other VVIP in my life, my husband C. He is a mild-mannered scientist by day and a mild-mannered sports-fan by night. He is an incredible father who took paternity leave to be a stay-at-home-dad while I finished university. He really is my “better half” as he possesses all of the important qualities in life that I lack. Like, say, organizational skills, money skills, anger management skills, garbage removal skills. Girls really do like guys with skills!

He’s also very knit-worthy. He has already worn through the first pair of socks I knit him and is pestering me for more. His Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket gets worn a lot. The sweater was pretty labour-intensive, with a lot of seams and a lot more stitches than your average cardigan, but it was worth it. The look would not have been the same if it had been a simple top-down raglan. We both love how it turned out, and I’ve been known to steal it from time to time.

Mr. Handsome masquerading as Mr. Rogers

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