Who Are “They” Anyway?

As the tagline says, I knit when They let me. In my case, They refers to the two mini-people who inhabit our home. A is my 3.5 year old boy. He is a cuddly, sweet, charmer who is sharp as a tack and has a very quick wit. P is my 1.5 year old girl whose sweetness is mixed in with a bit of spicy. She is feisty, stubborn and independent, three qualities that I think will take her far in life. They are pretty awesome if you ask me.

I get to knit on the rare occasions when they aren’t demanding 100% of my attention. When I do get to knit  it tends to be projects for them. I love the instant gratification of kids’ knits, and they are by-far the best models. But really, I’m just taking advantage of the young years when they don’t yet have an opinion about what they wear. I’m sure it won’t be long before there is a moratorium on wearing anything made my mom.

Until then I can do this…

A in his Playground Shirt

And this…

P in her Louise Cardigan

4 thoughts on “Who Are “They” Anyway?

    • katebostwick

      Thanks Amanda! It really depends on the project, specifically the weight of the yarn. The Louise Cardigan was in fingering weight yarn and had quite a bit of detail so I think it took me about a month. The Playground Shirt was worsted weight yarn and very straightforward so it only took about a week. That’s knitting for a couple of hours each evening.
      The design I’m working on right now is also in fingering weight yarn and it has lots of little fiddly bits so it’s going to be a bit more labour-intensive. The other design in my head right now will be lace weight so it promises to be a labour of love.


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