The next pattern in Travel Knits for the Family is named after the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway.


The pattern is for some very versatile mittens. They feature the same cable and rib pattern as the Bergen hat, but in mitten form. And for those who are more adventurous and need some extra warmth, the pattern has optional thrums worked into the centre of the cables. If this is your first time working thrums, there is a handy photo tutorial at the back of the book to walk you through it.


The magic of the pattern is that it comes with lots of variations. Make them fingerless, full mittens, or flip-top. And you also have the choice to make them with thrums or not. For my family we ended up with two pairs of thrummed mittens – one flip-top and one full mitten – and two pairs without thrums – one fingerless and one full mitten.


We visited Oslo in the Fall of 2017. We spent a day and a half in the city, exploring the abundant museums, the opera house, and the harbour area. The highlight of the trip though was the train ride from Oslo to Bergen. It’s actually billed as one of the top train journeys in the world, with good reason. It leaves from Oslo and winds its way through forests, lakes, and fields up to snow-capped mountains and rushing streams, and then back down through beautiful fjords on the way to Bergen. I tried to take lots of photos through the train windows, but in the end I decided to just enjoy the view.

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New Camera!

For better, and worse, I got a new camera. It’s better because my day-to-day pictures are going to be much better than the ones I used to take on my phone. It’s worse because I’m also going to try to do my own pattern photography now, which in no way will compare to that of my previous photographer. I’m going to take some classes and practice a lot, so hopefully it won’t be too long until it’s passable for “photography”.

The new camera is a Sony NEX 6, a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera. I like it because it’s not as big and heavy as a DSLR, but it’s can still take great photos and I can change out the lens for others more suitable for the photography I need to do. I’m pretty excited, but also incredibly intimidated. Bear with me while I learn the ropes!

In the meantime, here is my first blog photo with the new camera.

Eleanor Romper with new camera