Introducing Hearts and Butterflies

New pattern day!

happy eloise

Despite my best efforts, my little girl is as girly as they come. When asked what she wanted on her hat the answer was definitively “Hearts, with a butterfly on top.” Well, my girl, ask and ye shall receive. I present you with the girliest hat ever.

Hearts and Butterflies
This hat features an all-over heart design knit using stranded colorwork. The bottom of the hat is hemmed, providing a nice thick band to keep ears nice and toasty on cold days. There are also instructions for the optional butterfly to be sewn on after.

Hero Shot

Sizes:   Preemie (Newborn, Baby, Toddler, Child or Teen, Adult), fits 12 (14, 16, 18, 20, 22)” [30 (35, 40, 45, 50, 55) cm] circumference.

Another big thanks goes out to Eleanor Dixon for technical editing, and to the adorable Eloise (aka Doodie) for modeling!

From now until the end of Saturday, Dec. 7th, the pattern is available for 50% off!

And don’t forget, this is also eligible for all the Gift-A-Long fun!

It’s Halloween Again And I’ve Been Sewing

This year I was on it early. I believe it was still September when I got the kids to pick out patterns and I headed to the fabric store for supplies. I was so excited and eager to start!

And then I got to the fabric store. Two hours later and much poorer I finally left the store exasperated and a lot less eager. But I was feeling very grateful that I had started so soon.

The boy had decided he wanted to be Dracula since he’s been loving Hotel Transylvania lately. The girl needed to be a “fairy princess”, a pink and purple one to be exact. I have tried to steer her away from the princess stuff but the pink force runs deep in this one.

I found these patterns by McCall’s. They didn’t seem all that intimidating at the time, in fact they looked rather cute. After finally deciphering the information hidden on the back and inside the pattern I managed to track down (almost) all of the stuff I needed.

Atticus's costume stuff

Pippa's costume stuff Now, over a month later, I’ve finally finished them. The hardest parts were, in order: making a multi-layered tulle skirt, sewing in a zipper, making and applying cuffs and collars. I already knew I disliked zippers, cuffs and collars, but working with tulle was an entirely new form of torture for me. I will be strongly suggesting non-tulle-based costumes in the future.

But the end results are costumes and dress-up clothes that my kids love and will be able to wear for a long time and maybe even pass down to their kids someday. And I guess that made it all worth it. Maybe.

Atticus's Costume

Pippa's costume

Introducing The Eleanor Romper

After a long drought, I have finally released a new pattern, the Eleanor Romper! This was my first pattern through the Knit Picks Independent Designer Partnership program, and hopefully the first of many. I really enjoyed working with them, and their yarn.

whole thing main

The Eleanor Romper is a darling little one-piece outfit for babies. Worked with a seamless top-down raglan construction, the romper features a simple but elegant cable pattern running down the sleeves as well as the sides, all the way down to the ankles. 

neckline raglan and cables

cables and feet

The design is suitable for boys or girls so it can be a gender-neutral baby gift or made more masculine or feminine with color and button choice. This is the kind of garment that will be cherished by parents and passed down through generations.

leg button bands rotated

I would like to give a huge Thank You! to Ryan and Vanessa Barr for letting me photograph their adorable little girl!

whole thing 3

Also, to Eleanor Dixon for another wonderful job with Technical Editing.

You can download the pattern, and even buy the yarn at the same time, at Knit Picks website.

Feeling Supported


I received my very first yarn support today!
I found out last week that my next pattern has been accepted by Knit Picks for their Independent Designer Partnership (IDP) Program. What that means is that they send me yarn, I write the pattern, knit and photograph the sample and send them the pattern and photos. They sell the pattern on their website and I get 100% of the proceeds. I get great exposure for my pattern and another venue for selling it, they get a good opportunity to sell more yarn. Great deal all around.
So in the mail today I received 5 balls of Knit Picks Stroll Sport, 4 in the whisker colourway, 1 in peapod. The yarn is lovely and soft, I can’t wait to get started knitting.
I have been on a bit of a knitting hiatus for the last few weeks. I have submitted some design ideas to a couple of magazines and am pondering a couple of others. After the flurry of activity to get the submissions together I’ve taken a bit of a breather in the hopes that there will be another, bigger flurry of activity if some of my ideas get accepted.
In the meantime, I’ve got a sample to knit with some pretty (and free) yarn!

Booties Again!

I know, I’ve done a lot of these booties. But people keep having babies, and these continue to be the cutest booties and most well-received gift. So here is my fifth pair of Spring Breath Baby Booties, designed by Julia Noskova.

Spring Breath Booties for Ellie

This is also a bit of a sneak preview for my next design as both projects use the same yarn, Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in grey and pink. The yarn is so soft and very suitable for baby knits. My new design is currently knit up (and gifted) but I need to put the finishing touches on the pattern, have it edited and tested. I’m also planning on submitting it to a yarn company for possible publication so please keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ve been very timid about submitting my ideas for publication by magazines, etc. but I think it’s time I put myself out there.