Naming Contest!

I am excited to let you all know that I’m going to be releasing a new pattern soon! It will be the first in a three-pattern collection centered around a cable motif. The first pattern will be for a throw that’s worked up in gorgeous super-bulky Cascade Magnum. The other two will be pillow covers made with Cascade 220 Superwash. I’m so thrilled with how the first sample came out and am excited to be working on the others.

Here’s my problem: I have absolutely no idea what to name the patterns or the collection. I sat in front of the computer last night for an hour and still came up with nothing but ridiculousness. Seriously, I had convinced myself to name the collection Charles Cable III – with the throw being called Chuck and the pillows Chaz and Charlie. I really need some help.

Here’s my solution: I’m going get someone else to do the naming.

Here’s what you need to do: If you’re a Ravelry member, head on over to the contest thread, read the details, respond to the post with your awesome suggestions. If you’re not a Ravelry member and would like to participate, you can do so by responding to this post.

Here’s what I’m looking for: 4 names – one for the whole collection, one for the throw, one each for the pillow covers.

Here’s what you’ll get: I’ll be picking 2 winners – 1 for the best set of names, 1 randomly chosen from all the entries. Both winners will receive the entire collection when it is released.

And now for some details to get your creative juices flowing:

The colourway for the throw is called Birch, and the colourway for the pillows is called Pacific.

Here’s a picture of the throw:


So hit me with your best suggestions! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Introducing The Heavenly Pullover

Here comes the last pattern from the Powder Day collection: The Heavenly Pullover. Jodi hero Heavenly is a top-down, seamless pullover with set-in sleeves. It features a central cable pattern reminiscent of skiers making figure-eight tracks in fresh powder. There are also skiers making side-by-side tracks down from the shoulders. Jodi at red barn4 The figure-eight cable also runs down both sleeves while the back is entirely reverse stockinette stitch. Jodi at red barn back The pattern is available on Ravelry and will soon be available on for EU customers. Until midnight on January 11th (my birthday), the pattern and the ebook will be available for 36% off. Thanks go again to Eleanor Dixon for technical editing as well as to my great testers. And a huge thank you to Jodi for being such a great model! Jodi at white barn2 I had so much fun with this collection, I’m kinda sad to be done. But! I’ve decided I like working in collections so you should expect to see more from me in the future.

Introducing: Kicking Horse Mittens

It’s time to release the Kicking Horse Mittens, the third pattern in the Powder Day collection.

Jill and mitts2

The slipped stitches, cables, and thick yarn of these mittens combine to give your hands great insulation on a cold day. The pattern is written from the top down to accommodate various row gauges and hand lengths. Since it can be worked with different row gauges, it is adaptable for many yarns, from worsted to aran weight.

Both Samples

The pattern is available on it’s own, or you can buy the whole collection in the Powder Day e-book.

Malibrigo Sample

Thanks go again to Eleanor Dixon for technical editing. And my great crop of test knitters was invaluable this time around, encouraging me to eventually flip this pattern around and write it from the top-down. Finally, thank you to my long-time friend, ski buddy, and former roommate, Gillian, for modelling for me.


Giveaway – Featured Independent Designer: Michelle Krause

I was fortunate to have Michelle Krause of Leah Michelle Designs agree to an interview with me for the final installment of my designer series.


I asked Michelle my Five Questions, and here’s how she answered.

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, which is in northern Canada. I have lived here pretty well all my life so knitwear has always been a staple in my wardrobe. I can’t imagine not living in knitwear! I learned to knit when I was young but didn’t stick with it. I always meant to get back to it but didn’t until I had my own children and decided that I was going to knit hats and mittens for them. I started knitting obsessively and haven’t stopped since.

I am still knitting for my kids, who are teenagers now, and for my husband and of course for myself. I am a teacher and school administrator but I’m on my year off right now – so I have even more time for knitting – yay!

Cables and Twists

2) How did you start designing?

I often modified the patterns I was knitting and there were certain things I always changed to fit my needs or my style. So I just eventually decided that I should write my own patterns to share those techniques or ideas that I thought were important. I gave it a try and it became very addictive! For me it brings together so many things I enjoy – knitting, creating, writing, publishing. It is very rewarding.

Boxy Cowl

3) How would you describe your design style?

That’s a hard question to answer. I just design what feels right to me and that is hard to put into words. I guess the words I would use to describe my design style would be: uncomplicated, clean, simple, symmetrical, natural, textural, luxurious. I love to work with luxurious fibres like wool, silk, and cashmere.

I design accessories, which are great for gift knitting, probably because most of my own knitting has always been accessories that I give to others.

Heavenly Stole

4) What is your favourite pattern of your own design?

That changes all the time. Right now my favourite pattern is my Fashion Forward Cowl. It is big and squishy and warm. I’m really in love with it.

Fashion Forward cowl

My first scarf pattern – Just A Little Twist – will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first paid pattern and it sold really well when I published it. It was such a thrill!

Just a little twist

5) Are you doing any gift knitting this year?

My holiday gift knitting is always primarily for my mom and for my sister. They are my biggest fans and I always knit for them at Christmas. So yes, I have ordered the yarn and I will be getting to work on that very, very soon. I can’t give away all the details here (they could be listening), but I might be knitting a Fashion Forward Hat or two this season!

Fashion forward hat

I’d like to thank Michelle so much for her great answers. It’s been a real pleasure browsing through her designs for this interview, they really are gorgeous.

Michelle has been so generous to keep the tradition of providing a free pattern to one commenter on the interview. So, leave a comment below, telling us your favourite Leah Michelle Designs pattern, before midnight MST on Tuesday, December 1st and I will do a draw the next day to choose a winner. Good luck!